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Health Group – Medical Aid

Established in 2007, HealthGroup is a specialist healthcare consultancy firm and a registered financial services provider.

Medical Aid is Health Group’s strategic and core focus and they are experts in this area.

Health Group head office is based next door to Kayser Baird in Kloof, Kwazulu-Natal. They operate throughout South Africa and pride themselves on the extremely high levels of service and sound advice they provide to their clients.

Health Group’s clients range from large blue-chip companies, small medium / micro enterprise and the individual / private market. They have geared their service offering to meet the diverse needs of their clients at each of these levels.

HealthGroup was founded by Dale Piper and Rob Hastie, who have both worked at executive level for various medical schemes. Their vision is to continue to build a company with a niche focus – purely medical aid. In so doing,they are able to provide expert advice to their clients, thereby differentiating themselves from their competitors.

“With the ever changing medical environment in South Africa, we see our role primarily as a guide to our clients, ensuring they are on appropriate cover for their diverse and unique needs”

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