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Please see below some important contact numbers and additional information for you in the event of an emergency, vehicle breakdown or water / electrical problem at home or in the office. If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page or have any suggestions for additional information please email

Santam 24/7 SOS claims and emergency line 0860 505 911
*Any Santam Policy holder can call this number for a vehicle accident or damage to property insured on a policy. Personal Policy holders can also contact this number for breakdown assistance or a home emergency such as burst geyser, electrical problem etc as a free service on their policy. Business Policy Holders may only access the full services if they elect to take the cover on their policy.

– Vehicle Emergency / Accident Services
– Non-accident vehicle assistance eg; breakdown assistance
– Home / Office Water / plumbing related emergency
– Home / Office Electrical emergency
– Tyre change / Locksmith Assistance etc

Personal Policy Holders that have elected to take our extended Risk Assist cover through Customer Loyalty Consultants – 0861 505 006

Business Policy Holders that have elected to take our extended KB Assist cover through Global Choices – 0861 555 006
(If you have elected to take out the additional assistance cover on your policy

Echelon0860 200 002
All Echelon Policy Holders

Towing Rules
If you are able to, always contact the relevant number for your insurer as listed above, if you are unable to contact the assistance desks or if you are in a dangerous situation (or for example you are injured) – your safety is the primary concern and your policy will cover you even if you are unable to contact the emergency desk. Towing cover applies differently to different policies, but generally your vehicle will be covered for towing costs if you have a valid claim against your policy, or if you have roadside assistance cover and you require towing due to a breakdown, flat tyre, accident etc.

Windscreen Claims
If you have a chip in your windscreen you can usually have it repaired and claim against your policy without having to pay an excess, if the chip develops into a crack your policy will pay to replace your windscreen but you will have to pay an excess. Contact our Claims Team as soon as you become aware of damage to your windscreen and we will guide you accordingly.

Water, Flooding Damage
The most important step with any type of water damage is to try and prevent further losses from occurring, most policies will allow you to incur expense in removing water, drying carpets, cupboard etc. You can contact Kayser Baird or the insurers assistance desk to get guidance, but if the incident occurs over a weekend or after hours, you can take steps to remove the water and still claim from your policy. If damage continues to materialize after a flooding event (for example to chipboard cupboards) you can still claim, so it is important to remove water and prevent further damage as far as possible.

If you have a burst geyser, it is advisable to contact the assistance desk of your insurer so that they can appoint a plumber. If you replace the geyser yourself you can still claim, but if your plumber charges you more than the insurers agreed rate then you may be out of pocket.

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