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12 Times Winner – Santam Broker of the Year

At Kayser Baird we select our business partners as carefully as we select our staff. We have always run our business this way, and that is why we were recognised by the market as a serious contender long before 2000 when we won our first Santam Broker of the Year Award.

Since 2000 we have received no fewer than 12 Broker of the Year Awards from Santam.

Santam is recognised as the leading insurance company in South Africa and by combining our strengths as a broker with the proven capabilities of insurance companies like Santam, we offer our clients a powerful value proposition that is hard to beat through other models of insurance.

The reason that this accolade is relevant to our clients, is because it confirms that we are running our business right. We attract the right clients and retain them for longer than our competitors. This means that we can afford to collect less premium from our clients, and pay more claims.

Thank you – to all of our clients, staff and business partners for helping us to make our business a success.

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