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Special Considerations – House Contents

You must ensure that your sum insured for House Contents on your policy includes ALL of your possessions for the full replacement value. If not then you risk being underinsured in the event of a claim. If you are underinsured your claim will only be paid out proportionately depending on the extent to which you are underinsured.

As soon as you leave your residential premises, the belongings that you have with you are only insured if they are specified under the All Risks section of your policy. You can elect to specify an amount for Clothing and Personal Effects and use this as a blanket cover but it will only cover clothing and personal effects (ie; not electronic equipment) and you will only be able to claims up to a limited amount per item.

Jewellery under House Contents is limited to R10,000 unless it is kept in a locked and wall-mounted safe, in which case it is covered for one-third of your House Contents sum insured. When you leave your property, your jewellery and anything else you have with you is only covered if it is specified on your policy.

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