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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance at Kayser Baird is underwritten by our preferred providers Santam and Hollard. Kayser Baird has agreements with both insurers where 98% of the administration and claims handling is performed by Kayser Baird, placing us firmly in control of service quality and turnaround times and allowing us to live up to our reputation as an insurance provider with uncompromising standards of service. The customer experience that we deliver cannot be matched by direct insurers with high volume, centralized administration call centers and with our excellent reputation for competitive pricing we deliver a full package of cost effective insurance with outstanding levels of service and claims handling.

Kayser Baird is also able to offer Discovery Insure products and is able to add significant value to the unique value proposition of Discovery Insures rewards program for people that are attracted to this type of offering.

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Car Insurance

Personal Insurance at Kayser Baird includes low excesses, competitive rates and a wide range of convenience benefits include home-safe chauffeur and roadside and free plumber / electrician call outs.

House Contents Insurance

House Contents Insurance cover's your possessions whilst they are on your residential premises

Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance for residential properties insured you against the common risk such as fire and storm

Portable Possessions

All Risk insurance for portable possessions is a vital part of your personal insurance.


Boat Insurance (or other watercraft) covers you loss or damage, including cover for sinking or collission as well as cover for medical expenses of passengers.