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Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Malpractice Insurance in South Africa is in a state of flux. The increasingly litigous environment and the changes to the Road Accident fund are diverting attention and resources towards negligence in the medical sector in a way that is unprecendented in this country. The Department of Health is under tremendous pressure because of the volume and levels of negligence awards being made by the courts and the impact on private institutions is dire. South Africa’s largest traditional medical malpractice insurers seem to be bearing the brunt of the financial impact and increasingly are unwilling to renew malpractice cover for their clients. As a result some of the less prominent malpractice insurers are coming forward and building their books in this area. Aside from insuring against medical malpractice, Kayser Baird employs a strategy of identify, control and mitigate in our approach to managing risk medical institutions.

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