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Body Corporate

Body Corporate Insurance is one of Kayser Baird specialty area’s and we have many years of experience in providing Sectional Title Insurance. We are a leading provider of Body Corporate insurance in Durban and across South Africa.

At Kayser Baird we have a good understanding of the relationships between the various stakeholders and understand the requirement to satisfy the different needs that exist. Directors of body corporates are responsible for correctly insuring common property such as boundary walls, gates, electronic system and irrigation systems and if the insurance does not adequately these risk the owners can be exposed to significant costs in the event of a claim that is not properly covered.

Owners on the other hand have their own responsibilities that need to be pointed out to them such as from claims that result from their negligence.

At Kayser Baird our objective is to assist and support the trustees and directors in putting insurance in place that is balanced, cost effective and representative of the needs of all of the stakeholders.


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