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Business Insurance

Business Insurance is all about partnership and at Kayser Baird we consider our business clients to be our partners in business. We are mandated by our business clients to look after their short term risk exposure and we take this responsibility seriously. Short term risk management for companies is a hands-on affair and that’s why South Africa’s leading insurance companies do not offer direct insurance to businesses. Our role as a broker is to be close to our business clients, to understand their specific risk exposure and most importantly, to stay in touch with the changes in their risk so that they can take care of their core business. Kayser Baird supports a balanced approach to risk management, our ethos of insuring businesses is to identify risk exposure, and then work in partnership with our clients to either insure or mitigate against their risk exposure. At Kayser Baird we are risk managers first and insurance providers second – we support self insurance and will work with you to manage your businesses risk in the most cost effective way possible.

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Standard Business Policy

Standard Business Insurance is a packaged insurance product that is still the most widely adopted method of insuring businesses in South Africa.

Construction and Engineering

Construction Insurance and Engineering risks are specialised and companies in this sector must insure themselves against these risks seperately to their core business policy.

Retail and Manufacturing

The Introduction of the Consumer Protection act in 2008 has made the South African consumer one of the most empowered consumers in the world.

Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment

Restaurant Insurance and Insurance for Tourism and Leisure businesses is well developed in South Africa.

Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Malpractice Insurance in South Africa is in a state of flux.

Medical Private Practitioners

Medical and Dental Practices carry many similiar risks to any other businesses, but also have some specialised risks