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At Kayser Baird we focus exclusively on short term insurance products that allow our business and personal clients to Live, Work and Play with peace of mind. Whether it is your business, your house or your R60,000 mountain bike, we all have things in our lives that we simply couldn’t do without.

Insurance provides financial stability to individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole and allows us to take the risks to be in business, invest our money in our houses and possessions, and participate in the sports and activities that we love to do, without the fear that it could all be taken away from us by an unexpected event.

Of course as a modern broker, it is not only about insurance – we are first and foremost risk advisors and insurance is only one of the ways to manage risk in our lives. At Kayser Baird we support other forms of risk management, including self-insurance where appropriate and we are very active in helping our clients to manage their risks in a cost effective way.

For our business clients we have a variety of alternative insurance products that enable them to share in the risk with the insurance company, and lower their premiums without taking unnecessary financial risks in the business. We also work to help all of our clients reduce or remove risk instead of paying away premium unnecessarily.

Contact us to find out more about how we help our personal and business clients to Live, Work and Play with peace of mind.

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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance at Kayser Baird is underwritten by Santam, South Africa's leading insurance company.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance is all about partnership and at Kayser Baird we consider our business clients to be our partners in business.


Businesses with specialised risk exposure need a risk management partner that understands their specific requirements