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Prep Room

By Kayser Baird | Durban | August 12, 2016

Members: Judd Campbell

Business: Restaurant / Coffee Shop


Client since: 2007

Their experience with Kayser Baird

Since 2007 I’ve been covered by Kayser Baird because they speak “restaurant”. They understand my industry, schedule meetings after my lunch rush, and only call after my first double macchiato. My previous insurance company never once said ” nah you don’t need cover for that!” and when submit a claim it’s the last I have to think about. But if I’m being honest the REAL reason I’m with Kayser Baird is the pen, it’s a thing of beauty, leather grip, smooth lines. Never got a pen from Outsurance.

Judd Campbell – Owner


How we insure them

  • Furniture and Equipment – Fire / theft cover
  • Electronic Equipment – All Risks
  • Food poisoning – Liability
  • Loss of revenue – Business Interruption
  • Internal theft / fraud – Fidelity
  • Vehicles – Comprehensive cover

Closing thoughts

Kayser Baird has insured Judd Campbell and a number of businesses that he has owned over the last 10 years. Being in the restaurant trade, it is important to Judd that we can match his specific needs to the right type of cover and that we are able to place this cover with a leading insurer so that when he suffers a loss the claim is paid quickly and without unnecessary red tape.

We have also been able to adapt cover for Judd’s businesses as they have developed, from designing lean, cost effective cover for new businesses ventures, to expanding the cover to meet his changing needs as the businesses develop.

Most importantly, we have been able to give Judd a sense of security knowing that he has cost effective insurance in place that will ensure he has removed or minimized potential financial loss following a fire, theft, damage or liability incident.