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Personal Legal Liability


Personal legal liability insurance is usually mandatory cover on personal insurance policies with either a house contents or buildings section included. Personal legal liability insurance covers the policy holder and members of their family that normally reside with them.

Third party liability is different and is specific to motor vehicles, personal legal liability insurance does not cover legal claims involving the insured’s motor vehicle. The insured amount is usually R1million, R3million or R5million depending on the insurer. The cover is inexpensive, usually costing around R20 per month for R1million cover.

You can also add “Umbrella Liability” for a small additional premium, to increase this cover to R20million or R30million. It covers compensation, damages and legal costs for accidental death, injury or illness to people, or damage to or loss of property arising out of negligence on the part of the policy holder or their immediate family. It covers the insured worldwide, but the action against the person must be brought in a court in South Africa before the policy will respond.

Some common exclusions;

Some common claims that are covered;

With all the below examples, you must have acted negligently for the policy to respond, and the other person must have suffered loss / harm

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