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Mike Williams

By Kayser Baird | Durban | May 26, 2017

Client Name: Mike Willams

Profession: Operations Manager – Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Client since: 2013

Their experience with Kayser Baird

I moved over to Kayser Baird in the beginning of 2013 on the recommendation of my health insurance broker. The shift over to Kayser Baird was seamless and staff were very helpful and friendly.

We hadn’t had a claim since we were married 15 years and like most people thought it would never happen to us. A few years after that our luck ran out. My prize bicycle was taken from my garage when I accidently left my garage door open. I got hold of Kayser Baird immediately and reported the incident with not much hope due to the fact that there was negligence on my part. Unexpectedly, Shaun Baird got hold of me himself and said that because we had never had a claim in 15 years he would see what he could arrange. He came back to me a short while after and said that he managed to negotiate an ex gratia payment, to assist me with my loss which was again unexpected and obviously much appreciated.

A couple of weeks later I was lucky to get my bicycle back however there were a few missing bits and I had to pay a ransom. Again Kayser Baird without me asking negotiated an ex gratia payment to assist us with the loss.

I am extremely grateful to Kayser Baird for the way in which they handled my situation and definitely have the comfort of knowing Im in good hands going forward.

Michael Williams – Manager Table Mountain Cableway

Closing thoughts

What Mike doesn’t mention in his story above, is that he went out of the way to track his bike down using social media. We were able to reward Mike for his efforts by negotiating a significant reduction in his premium with Santam, and a complete excess waiver on all three of his vehicle at no additional cost. In addition Santam were willing to still pay out R7,000 towards some of the bike components that weren’t recovered, even though the loss was technically not covered by the policy because of the garage door being left open.

Mike’s story is a great example of how good risk management can result in lower insurance costs, and positive outcomes to losses.