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Know Your Policy – Part 7; Optional extensions on your personal policy

By Kayser Baird | Durban | March 2, 2015


Did you know? Your Personal Policy can be fine-tuned to meet your individual requirements.

~Kayser Baird Insurance






Optional Extensions on your personal policy

Because everybody has different circumstances, there is no “one size fits all” personal policy and you need to discuss your policy with your broker to make sure that you are covered where we you need cover, and that you are not paying for insurance that you don’t need or want.

Some of the most common optional or paid extensions that you can take on your personal policy include the following;

Car Hire

In the event of you having an accident or some other insured event that puts your car out of action, the car hire extension on your policy provides you with free car hire. Because we have poor public transport, this is an essential component of insurance for many vehicle owners. Policy Holders without this cover usually regret not having it, particularly if their vehicles require accident repairs around the holiday season where panel beaters close and repairs can take weeks to complete.

Car Hire prices are as follows:

Group B: 4 Door Economy (e.g. Hyandai i20) – R68 per month.
Group F: 4 Door Midsize (e.g. Chevrolet Cruze) – R90 per month.
Group H: 4 Door Midsize/Luxury (e.g. BMW 320i) – R100 per month.
Group O: 4 Door Luxury (e.g. Mercedes Benz C180) – R110 per month.
Automatic Vehicle: R90 – R110 per month (Group F, H or O).

*The above fees will be added to your premium and included in your monthly debit order.

Clothing and Personal Effects

This is a very useful optional extension which will give you blanket cover for your clothing and personal effects that you would normally wear or carry away from your home. This is global cover and includes cover for some sporting equipment, glasses, sunglasses and jewellery. There is a single item limit of R2000 or 25% of the sum insured, so in other words if you selected R15,000 cover under this extension, you would be able to claim up to R3,000 per item. If you had R5000 cover you would only be able to claim R2000 per item. This is All Risks cover, so while there are certain requirements for due care (such as ensuring that your car is locked) – you will be able to claim if you leave your sunglasses in a restaurant, leave your bag on the roof of your car and drive off, or drop an electronic item into water.

This section will not cover laptops, cell phones, remote controls, GPS navigators etc (you would be able to claim for a wrist-worn training GPS such as a Garmin / Polo.

Mechanical / Electrical Breakdown

If you have House Contents cover you will be automatically covered for lightning damage to your belongings, but if the cause of the damage is power surge you will not be covered unless you have the correct extensions on your policy.  Damage to expensive electronics following power surge is an every increasing problem in South Africa.  When power cables are damaged or stolen, there is often a surge of power when they are re-connected and this can cause damage to many of your electronic appliances simultaneously. This extension will also cover you for the unexpected breakdown of mechanical and electrical items such as appliances.

Accidental Damage – Buildings

This extension covers you for sudden and unexpected damage to fixed machinery installed and your home.


Kayser Baird offers both Personal and Business short term insurance and is a leading South African broker. To request a quote for your personal insurance please contact us.


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