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jetklik™ Travel Insurance – powered by Kayser Baird

Kayser Baird is the first financial service provider in South Africa to offer travel insurance comparisons from a range of the leading insurers.

Through our travel insurance brand jetklik™ – we offer online tools or telephonic consulting for business and leisure travellers that want to find the best cover in the market for their specific trip, and to match their personal needs.

Travel Insurance pricing is based entirely on travel days and age, and depending on your particular circumstances, one leading insurers price can be double the next closest quote, simply because of the difference in pricing models between the insurance companies.

When you book your travel insurance with your travel agent you may only be presented with top-up options or quotes from one insurer. When you go online to find cover yourself – you may end up with cover that is too expensive, or not suitable for your needs.

Our travel insurance brand jetklik™ enables you to compare travel insurance options from the top 4 South African travel insurance companies, and to get advice and book cover with an expert, licenced insurance advisor. The rates that we charge are the insurance companies direct rates, plus a broker fee of R30 per adult traveller.

jetklik™ provides you with

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