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Gangs of Ballet

By Kayser Baird | Durban | November 27, 2015

Members: Brad Klynsmith, Josh Klynsmith, Jonathan Rich

Business: Band



Client since: 2013

Their experience with Kayser Baird

Our experience with Kayser Baird has been amazing. When we’ve had to claim the client service has been very professional getting our gear back to us and on the road in no time.

Josh Klynsmith – Member


How we insure them

  • Musical equipment – All Risks cover
  • Electronic Equipment – All Risks cover
  • Vehicles – Comprehensive cover

Closing thoughts

Kayser Baird has covered Gangs Of Ballet’s equipment and vehicles since 2013 and we are proud of our association with these talented South African musicians. When there are issues with equipment on tour, we place special emphasis on getting replacement equipment arranged quickly to make sure there are no delays and that the band members (and fans) are kept happy.