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Action Coach

By Kayser Baird | Durban | February 27, 2017

Members: Darryn Le Grange

Business: Business Coaching


Client since: 2014

Their experience with Kayser Baird

I have had my business and personal insurance through Kayser Baird for the last number of years and fortunately never had any reason to claim. In December 2016, my wife was involved in a car accident and wrote her car off. Kayser Baird were outstanding. I submitted the claim forms on the Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon the full claim value was paid into my account. You never really know how good your insurer is until you have a claim. Their service and sense of urgency completely blew me away and I have been recommending Kayser Baird to all my family and friends since.

Darryn Le Grange – Owner


How we insure them

  • Personal home, car and house contents insurance
  • Business Furniture and Equipment – Fire / theft cover
  • Electronic Equipment – All Risks
  • Public Liability
  • Vehicles – Comprehensive cover

Closing thoughts

Kayser Baird insures Action Coach Kloof through Hollard. Darryn and his team have a typical office setup with some electronic equipment, office contents and business vehicles. Their lease agreement states that they are responsible for fixtures and fittings so their policy includes cover for this in the event of a water leak or fire. Darryn does not require business interruption insurance because in the event of a fire he would be able to continue his business without interruption to his revenue, although he would incur some expenses in temporarily relocating his office.

In addition to the basic cover above Darryn dispenses professional advice to his clients and Kayser Baird has provided advice and expertise on his potential risk exposure here. The type of insurance which covers this exposure is Professional Indemnity insurance.

As a business owner, Darryn could also be sued in his personal capacity for an error or omission which causes somebody to suffer a financial loss – to protect his personal assets Darryn could take Directors Liability insurance which would pay out in the event of this kind of loss, as well as pay his defense costs.

At Kayser Baird we see our role as broker to provide advice on all of our clients risk exposures, whether they take insurance products out for them or not. If a client can eliminate a risk or reduce it to an acceptable level, then they may not need insurance for that particular risk.