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The Kayser Baird Culture

Culture Eats Strategy for breakfast

At Kayser Baird we believe that our culture is not what we say it is, but rather how we are seen from the outside. We care about how our clients, business partners, suppliers and even our own staff and their families “see” us as a company. Our culture is so important to us that for the last 18 months we have been working very hard to identify how we are perceived by various stakeholders, and making sure that as we grow we don’t lose sight of what made us a successful company in the first place.

What we have discovered in this process is that culture is not something we decide and implement; it is something that develops over time. We cannot “package” our culture and explain what it is because our culture is a combination of many things, some of which are difficult to measure.

Instead, we focus on the things that we can change, improve or re-inforce. We focus on knowing where we want to be in the future (Our Vision), why we want to be there (Our Purpose) and what it is that we are going to be doing while we get there (Our Mission). During this journey we have to stick to our Core Values by displaying the behaviors that uphold our Core Values and avoiding the behaviors that let them down.

By doing all of this right, we will have a winning culture and a winning culture is much more powerful than a winning strategy.

Our Vision

We want to be the most loved, most respected and most profitable broker in South Africa

Our Mission

We provide financial stability so people can work, live and play with peace of mind

Our Purpose

We care about people and their wellbeing

Our Core Values

Our Brand Promise

“Uncompromising Standards”

Our brand promise is a commitment to our clients, business partners, suppliers and staff to be ruthless at holding ourselves to high standards

Our Slogan

“Stronger than Yesterday®”

Our company slogan “Stronger than Yesterday” is our intention to continually improve our business to the advantage of our clients and the service they receive, and also to improve our business to the advantage of our employees and their development as people. Every day, month and year we want to be continually improving as a business and as individuals, as a business to a common purpose and as individuals in our own unique ways.

We always want to look back to see that we have improved.


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