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Management Team

Jim Kayser – Managing Director and Founder of Kayser Baird

Jim founded Kayser Baird in 1986 and is still active in the business today. His hard work and perseverance laid the foundations for the company to become one of the leading independent brokerages in South Africa.

Michael Baird – Financial Director

Michael joined the business as a co-owner in 1996. Through his initiative and unique business approach Michael has steered Kayser Baird through two decades of rapid profitable growth.

Shaun Baird – Director

Shaun joined the business in 2009 after spending 4 years in Europe working for a global financial company. Shaun has driven innovation that has enabled Kayser Baird to transition into one of the most technologically advanced brokerages in South Africa.

Izelle van Heerden – Operations Director

Izelle re-joined Kayser Baird in 2015 after having previously worked for the company for a number years and leaving to pursue opportunities and gain experience with two other companies. After being employed to manage the operations of the business, Izelle was subsequently appointed as a Director and became a shareholder in 2018. Izelle’ s contributions since 2015 have enabled the company to prepare for sustainable future growth as we embark on the next phase of our journey to becoming the most loved, most respected broker in South Africa.


Jenean de Beer – Manager, Claims

Jenean joined the company in 2014 and confidently established herself as a leader within the claims department. Towards the end of 2017 she accepted the challenge and new role of Claim Manager. Jenean continues to work at upholding our culture of incredible service levels, despite the challenging claims environment.

Mary-Anne Fouche – PA to Financial Director | Building Management

Mary-Anne joined the business in 1999 and was recognised for 20 years of service at our annual conference in December 2018. As one of our longest standing employees Mary-Anne has been partof the  business and contributed to each of the 11 broker awards we have won since 2000. Mary-Anne manages various aspects of the office and performs a vital role to the Directors.


Claire van der Westhuizen – Manager, Commercial Lines Underwriting

Claire joined the business in 2006 and was appointed Commercial Underwriting Manager in 2013. Claire oversees the complex and diverse world of business short term insurance and leads her team in the management of over 2000 business clients ranging from small tradesman type business to large nationals involved in manufacturing, retail and transport / distribution.

Landi Arlow – Manager, Personal Lines Underwriting

Landi joined Kayser Baird in 2013 and spent five years working in the claims department. Landi developed quickly in this important area of the business and added tremendous value by delighting clients and showing leadership skills from early on. Landi took on the challenge of moving into the Underwriting area in 2017 and was appointed second in charge of the department in 2018. In March 2019 Landi stepped into the Management Role and with her team of 11 Underwriters is responsible for looking after 5,000 personal clients.

Carla Van Niekerk – Manager, Personal Lines New Business

Carla joined Kayser Baird in 2014 as an Underwriter in the Personal Lines Department and was recognised as the companies best performing employee for 2017. Carla took on a Team Leadership role in 2018 when new business and underwriting were separated as functions within the Personal Lines Department. In January 2019 Personal Lines New Business was formed into its own Department and Carla was appointed as Manager. Carla and her team are responsible for onboarding over 70 new clients every month.