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Client Testimonials

Natalie La Cave- 27 February 2019

I am sending this email to give a very big THANK YOU to Christo Tolman on his exceptional and excellent service that I received from him. He was absoutley outstanding and stood out like a Bright Star to me. I come from a back ground of working in Customer Service Industry and he swept me off my feet with his Fantastic Service. I believe going beyond to helping a client and giving more than 100%, he did more than that. The sad thing in South Africa today is we don’t get this service any more until I came across Christo. You know what really amazed me was when I asked him to call me back at 1.10pm , I am not kidding he called me back at 1.10pm. I was shocked as never in my life has anyone called me back at a time I ask them too or I don’t even get a call back from them. It was not the first time I asked Christo to call me back at a time but he called me back on the Dot. AMAZING. His Telephone Etiquette was outstanding and knowledge and so friendly and polite and spoke clearly and made sure I understood everything. He blew my socks off and this is the reason I have chosen to be part of your broker as a Client . I am extremely happy with my Premiums and Policy and will surely recommend Kayser Baird to all my friends. For me I give him the GOLDEN BUZZER just like SA got Talent as he surely is gifted with people so well done to Christo and Thank him for me.

Cathie Page – 6 March 2019

Thank you so much for all your help, the funds are already in Bruce’s account. We really appreciate the way the entire claim has been handled. Having a break-in is no fun, but with your assistance, the insurance process went very smoothly

Robyn Hey – 6 March 2019

It gives me great pleasure to write this reference for Tamlyn Springer and Kayser Baird Insurers. I, like most people, have always viewed insurance as a grudge purchase. The insurance industry is not known for its exceptional service and for many years I have dealt with lackluster service from short term insurers both personally and for my business. However, Tamlyn and the Kayser Baird team have changed the way I view insurance. Tamlyn is professional and knowledgeable about her industry. Her quick turnaround time and friendly manner make her a pleasure to work with. Tamlyn has offered me a sense of security in that my business is properly insured for any eventuality. Tamlyn and Kayser Baird have saved my business housands of Rands in insurance and yet have ensured that my cover is comprehensive and appropriate for either my personal or business needs. The quick response to claims and the vast network of trusted insurers with whom Kayser Baird works makes them my brokers of choice. I cannot recommend Tamlyn and Kayser Baird highly enough. Robyn Hey

Whisper Maisiri – 11 March 2019

I want to express my appreciation on the good work that you have done. You have proved me that there is no need to look for another insurance other than Kayser Baird. As I was referred to you by my brother who has never changed insurance, I will definitely refer friends and relatives to Kayser Baird. Once again thank you for a job well done.

Calvin Naidoo – 15 March 2019

Yesterday my son called me in a panic and informed me that someone has slashed his car tyres at Steve Bhiko Campus in Durban. I immediately called SANTAM who informed me that they will get a tow truck who will tow the vehicle to the nearest service provider. I said no . I want the vehicle towed to my home address. The lady at SANTAM insisted that according to my policy this is not so. I asked her to tell where in my policy is that the vehicle has to go to the service provider. Maybe I missed that paragraph she is referring to. She could not . I insisted ,then she said she will put me through my broker. I waited for quite a while on the phone and was on hold. I cut the call and called Kayserbaird directly. I spoke to a lady by the name of Laura who assisted me in seconds ,I am not exaggerating. She took my details down and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She obviously has a good knowledge of your products . She knew I was desperate and was afraid of what could happen to my son in that dangerous area. She took the time to call the tow assistance company immediately and I received a message on my cell to say a claim has been lodged. Shaun from the tow company called me immediately and advised he should be there in at least 30 minutes. When I got to Steve Bhiko the tow truck also just arrived after me. The reason I am sending this mail is because Laura took the time to understand my problem and resolve it immediately. I commend her for this. I believe her quick actions , my son was safe. Laura also called me after the vehicle was towed to check whether everything was ok. That’s dedication to one’s profession.

Warwick – 25 March 2019

Monique, I’d like to thank yourself and Bernadette with the amazing service! Coming from the previous insurance company I can’t believe how prompt Kayser Baird are. Could really shoot myself in the foot for not joining up with you all sooner. Thank you for all the information below! Trust you are having a fantastic afternoon.

Jaryd Paradies – 2 April 2019

I just want to say thank you very much for your help. I have to say that there are a few reasons why I choose to stay with Kayser Baird, and that is the flipping amazing service that you give me. You both are always truly awesome to deal with and I appreciate the help.

S Baird – 3 April 2019

A friend of mine (Kate Vetter) called to compliment you for your service, she is the transferring attorney for one of our client Roger Ramseier and she called to say how impressed she was with your quick response to her request for information. Kate’s husband is also an insurance broker so it was great that she took the time to call me and she was obviously very impressed so well done!

Prevlin Moodley – 10 April 2019

Please can this letter to be directed to the CEO or management team of Kayser Baird. I would like to compliment Alexandra Kotze (Lexi) for the following:

1) Professionalism
2) Courtesy
3) Business acumen
4) Client correspondence
5) Pro-activeness
6) Customer service

Having been a client of Kayser Baird for a good few years, the service is definitely on point. Considering that most South African companies do not focus a lot of effort into customer service, this is the total opposite at Kayser Baird. A huge thank you to staff like Lexi that make it a pleasure dealing with insurance related matters. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best for 2019.

Rajis Pillay – 18 April 2019

Thank You. Greetings in the precious name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. We wish to place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to you. Your excellence customer service towards Revival & Mission Centre was well acknowledged and appreciated. May God bless you.

Karen van den Bergh – 25 April 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for your consistently good service and always having my back. You are like a breath of fresh air in this climate of broken promises and bad service. Kayser Baird is lucky to have you. Thank you.

Mike Harrison – 27 April 2019

We recently had the unfortunate experience of lightning damaging our dishwasher. One call to Tamsyn followed by the completion and submission of a claim form together with a damage report and quote for a replacement machine and Santam settled within a few days! What excellent service all round! Well done Kayser Baird and Santam.